My Angels academy is a trust which works for the underprivileged children of the slum in Vikaspuri  New Delhi.

 As they say, the rest is history

I was the only child in my family who studied in a Government School, where most of the children who studied along with me were from very poor families. Both, my elder sister and younger brother studied in a Christian convent school.
One incident I recall, when I was in the fourth grade changed my thinking forever. One of my classmates told me that it was his birthday that day and I asked him what gift was he going to get from his parents and I also inquired where the party was.
I was surprised when he told me that wasn’t the case, and his parents would take him to the temple and there was no other celebration. When I heard this I was so angry with his parents that I later complained to my mother about how my friend’s parents were unconcerned and did not celebrate his birthday. On hearing this, my mother scolded me and said I should not speak ill about elder people.
I told her the whole story. Then my mother realized that my friend’s family was very poor, and they couldn’t even afford to buy a cake or a gift. That was the reason for not having a party.

It was a revelation for me. That was the moment when I didn’t just see poverty but felt poverty because my friend was the one affected. I wanted to do something for poor children, so at the age of thirteen I started my journey, by helping poor children near my home.
Since the age of thirteen I’ve been involved in the betterment of the children of the slum. The adverse situation of these children, their surrounding and the thought process of their parents urged me to look beyond my personal needs and desires and to put in all required efforts for their betterment.

I have rented a room in the slum and I run my academy from there. It has been registered as a trust on the 30th of December 2009 under Register no.12110

About me.

I’m a holistic trainer, motivational speaker and counselor by profession. With my personal earnings and the help of a few friends I manage to run my academy. My academy is located in Vikaspuri, near Kerala School. West Delhi: 110018

The academy houses students between 3 to 20 years old. At present there are 70 students. One of the very important achievements I feel we have achieved is that there is a burning desire in the minds of the children to voluntarily be a part of the academy rather than being pushed to attend.
Rather than blowing our own trumpet, there are links written
About My Angels Academy in the media page which will give you more information about us, our credentials and a clearer picture of our goals and achievements so far.


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